Experience has shown that investing in property delivers the most sustainable returns.

So you can rest assured your money is safe with albego ag

Your added value

We invest 95% of our investors’ money in residential property. Our investors sign a loan agreement with a term of 24 months and an interest rate of 5% per year.

The capital is used exclusively as equity capital for the building loan and is transferred directly to the construction account at the financing bank where the account is managed on a fiduciary basis. On completion of the development and its sale to a pension fund or other investor, the accounts are drawn up and the loan is paid back to the investors with interest.

This format is feasible only for new build projects since we carry these out ourselves and are able to generate all of the added value for you through this process.

Take a look for yourself: by checking in with our site webcams, you can see your investment grow day by day!

Step one:

Contact us to discuss your plans. Together, we will lay the foundations of your project.